Affected from a Criminal Offence

Suddenly nothing is as it was

People who have been victims of criminal offences often suffer physical and psychological injuries. Whilst the physical wounds can be treated and can heal quickly, the psychological injuries often remain untreated. This is where our help comes in. We are an advisory team with many years experience.


We can provide you with information on

  • making a criminal complaint
  • the course of criminal proceedings
  • the possibility of ancillary suits
  • expenses for advice and legal aid
  • claims and possibilities valid under civil law
  • crime Victims’ Compensation Act

If you would like us to

  • we can accompany you to police questioning,
  • we can be present at appointments with lawyers

We can Discuss with you your Worries and Fears Caused by the Criminal Offence you have Suffered. 

We can support you in coping with these traumatic experiences and in coming to terms with the effects of the criminal offence.


Our advice is

  • independent of a criminal complaint
  • independent of the type of criminal offence
  • strictly confidential
  • anonymous if you so wish
  • free of charge

 For men and boys from the age of 12, who are or have been victims or witnesses of sexual assault, there is the offer of

  • advice and accompaniment
  • advice for spouses, relatives and confidants

The advice is given by a male member of our team.


Witness Accompaniment to the Courts Hanau and Offenbach

The members of the team Hanauer H!lfe advise and support victims and witnesses in criminal proceedings, clarify questions in the forefront and offer accompaniment before, as well as during, the court hearing. You can also make use of our assistance after the court hearing and we are at your disposal for advisory discussions.


Offender – Victim – Equalization in Adult Criminal Law

In suitable cases, within the framework of offendervictim-equalization, we offer assistance with a settlement out of court and conflict mediation between the injured party and the accused. As impartial intermediary, we support all involved parties in finding an appropriate conflict solution and, where necessary, in agreeing upon a non-bureaucratic damage compensation.


Online Advice

Are you finding it difficult to visit an advisory centre? Our online advice is anonymous and is independent of time and place. You can reach us on



Advice for Victims and Witnesses of Criminal Offences e.V.

Salzstraße 11, 63450 Hanau

Phone: (06181) 24871


  • Monday to Friday from 9 am to 12 am
  • Monday from 3 pm to 5 pm
  • Thursday from 3 pm to 5 pm

As well as on appointment.


Zeugenzimmer Hanau (witness room Hanau)

Phone: (06181) 297435


Zeugenzimmer Offenbach (witness room Offenbach)

Phone: (069) 80575678


Donations account Sparkasse Hanau

IBAN DE51 5065 0023 0000 0841 11



Further advisory centers in Hessen

  • DARMSTÄDTER H!LFE, pone: (06151) 9714200
  • FULDAER H!LFE, phone: (0661) 90192470
  • GIESSENER H!LFE, phone: (0641) 972250
  • KASSELER H!LFE, phone: (0561) 282070
  • Victim Help Limburg-Weilburg, phone: (06431) 45045
  • Trauma and Victim Centre Frankfurt, phone: (069) 21655828
  • WIESBADENER H!LFE, phone: (0611) 3082324